Letters sent to Carefree


My husband and I recently purchased a home through Carefree Homes. We had the privilege of working together with Linda Horsley and Shane Honey. I have to address the fact that all of our concerns and questions were always answered. I was always able to reach them when an issue came up. All of our fears were laid to rest.

The order for our home was placed on March 2nd, ready to be shipped March 17th and arrived on March 30th. The setup went exactly to plan; it was so quick that our community couldn’t believe how fast it came together. We were able to move in on April 16th. Carefree Homes has also been on top of sending people to do small repairs.

My hope for anyone who decides to purchase a manufactured/modular home would seriously consider buying a home for Carefree Homes. Shane Honey and Linda Horsley and the people at Carefree Homes are truly dedicated to the people and the homes they sell. Our experience has been a totally positive one.

As for our house it couldn’t have turned out better, we absolutely love it!

Thank you so much,
Lance and Janice


Dear Carefree Homes,
We just want to say a big THANK YOU to you for all you did for us in helping us get our new home. With your help we were able to get the home that we are happy with. We had so many doubts and things that we were uncertain about, and you helped and you helped us work out the floor plan and out side design that has made us happy. We have been so grateful for the way you took the time to listen to us and help us. You never complained or made us feel we were wasting your time. Your call to us got us started and you gave us such a good deal. We needed that. We talked with so many different salesmen at various dealers and all were ok, but your salesman was outstanding. You went the extra mile. I will, personally, be forever grateful for that courtesy, as we will live the rest of our lives in this house. We are pleased with the way the house turned out and with the great quality that was put into the house.

I am pleased with the promptness & quality of the service given during the ordering and the follow-up service after the completion of the house. There are always things that need a little fixing and you all have been good to do that for us.

Again thanks for going the extra mile for us. It made a big difference in how we feel about the home we have been recommending you to others. We all worry about ordering things we have not seen and if it will be good quality. You have served us well in all aspects of our buying experience.

Jean and Phil