Model 168

Model 168
was $94,995
now $86,622

1760 Sq.FT | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Baths 

Additional Features Separate Family Room and Living Room, Large Formal Dining Room With Buffet, Incredible Mud Room  









• 25 Year Fiberglass Composition Roof Shingles:
In a variety of color and style choices, protects your investment with a 25 year minimum warranty from shingle manufacturer.
• Lrg. Format Rolled Roofing w/Ice-Dam Protection:
Provides an additional layer of coverage that helps protect home against leaks at the eave line.
• (OSB) Structural Roofing Panels:
Installed in a staggered pattern for strength.
• Engineered Roof Trusses:
Creates open and spacious rooms. Designed to with-stand wind and snow loads where our homes are delivered. These roof systems give you the peace of mind and the structural support you expect.
• Blown-in Cellulose Ceiling Insulation:
Saves energy and blocks sound and air infiltrations. The added fire retardant in cellulose insulation also adds to the home’s safety
• Steel Shingle Drip Edge:
Adds support and allows proper roof drainage. This added measure reduces shingle droop and fascia board staining.
• Large Format Ceiling Drywall: The large format reduces seams. The high strength ceiling panels improve fire protection and provide more support for the insulation volume overhead that keeps our homes both comfortable and quiet.
• Taped Wall to Ceiling Treatment:
Most manufacturers use caulk or trim to form the wall to the ceiling. We utilize drywall mud and tape to create a smooth transition. We apply the final texture after the walls and ceiling are in place for a consistent finish.
• Fiber-cement Exterior Siding:
Siding is pre-primed and then painted with an airless sprayed coat and an additional rolled coat for a quality protective finish. Our fiber cement siding is warranted against the elements by the siding manufacturer and is also fire and termite resistant.
• Air Infiltration House Wrap:
Helps to keep drafts out while allowing the home to breathe (under horizontal lap exterior sided homes only).
• (OSB) Exterior Wall Sheathing:
Installed under horizontal lap exterior sided homes for added strength.
• Fiberglass Batt Wall Insulation w/ Vapor Barrier: Installed in all exterior walls spaces for energy conservation.
• 2 x 6 Exterior Wall Framing:
Delivers strength and conserves energy while reducing outside noise.
• 1/2” Painted Drywall on Interior Walls:
Adds fire safety and lifelong maintainability. Drywall is securely fastened and applied with a high strength glue for increased durability.
• Vinyl Framed, Dual Pane, Low-E Windows:
Dual panes provide both sound and thermal insulation, and eliminate the need for cumbersome storm windows. Low-E glass improves the windows efficiency and reduces solar heat gain during the hot summer months. Our homes stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and quieter all year long.
• Steel Insulated Exterior Doors:
Pre-hung insulated core exterior doors reduce energy loss and are protected by a durable finish to provide years of service.
• Carpet & Pad Included:
Select from popular name brands, colors, and styles.
• Full Width Vinyl Flooring:
Reduces seams. Available in a variety of colors and styles.
• Full Width, Engineered Sub-Flooring:
Full width decking material increases the strength of the floor by reducing seams. Panels are moisture resistant.
• Wood Floor Joists @ 16” O.C.:
Transversely installed on a steel I-beam frame provides superior structural support.
• 2” x 4” Marriage Walls:
on each section, together with strong ridge beams, allow for wider spans between rooms and more open floor plans.
• Hardwood Cabinets (On select product):
All hardwood cabinets include wood face fronts, adjustable shelves, and hidden hinges. Face frames are screwed together for a flush finish. Drawer over door construction with wood drawer sides for superior strength.
• In-Floor Heat Duct Crossover System:
Is delivered by a smooth-walled aluminum duct system. Insulated under the floor, the ductwork provides comfortable rooms while helping to eliminate trapped airborne dust and allergens that often hide or build up in other systems. The in-floor crossover eliminates the need for a “flex tube” that is subject to the elements.
• Elec. Systems According to National Code:
Include copper wiring, common residential components, and nailed in place electrical boxes where possible.
• Non-corrosive Pex-type Plumbing:
Has the benefit of reducing pipe sweat or hammer noise, and is durable enough to help protect against below freezing temperatures that may cause bursting or frost damage. Glue and lead free installation means Pex plumbing is one of the healthiest plumbing systems available.
• Brand Name Appliances:
Working with the nation’s leading appliance manufacturers, we deliver the most reliable appliances and offer upgrade packages at affordable prices.